Good Friday Facts and Stories

Good Friday Facts and Stories

Friday the 13th – Weird Facts and Stories

There are numerous versions of stories and types of superstitions involved to Friday the 13th. Stories range across from per-Christian times to Modern days; even to this day, some people suffer from serious phobia: Paraskevidekatriaphobics. Sounds incredibly strange, doesn’t it? How does one even begin to pronounce this anyway? People with this phobia, according to the severity of their symptoms, express their fears when Friday the 13th comes. Some does not go to work, others do not even get out of bed.

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Good Friday Facts and Stories

Good Friday Facts and Stories

Origin of Friday the 13th: it is said that on this day, Eve had tempted Adam to taste the forbidden fruit. The great flood started on Friday the 13th. The temple of Solomon was destroyed on this day as well. Also, this is the day Jesus was crucified. 13 people were present at the Last Supper, hence the superstition if you have 13 people at supper, one will die.

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Number 12 is considered to symbolize wholeness, completeness. Consequently, number 13 is considered to be rather excessive, going over the border of completeness. Besides Christianity, Norse myth also have something to do with Friday. Friday is named after a goddess Freya, who is associated with love and fertility. (Much similar to Venus the Roman goddess or Aphrodite the Greek goddess.) Much different from today, under this tradition people considered Friday to be an auspicious day to get married since it is a day of Freya.

There are many, many stories and taboos related to Friday the 13th: did you know if you cut your hair on Friday the 13th, one of your relatives will die? Similar taboo is that you should not cut your nails. Other taboos include beginning any type of new project or work, launching a ship or setting sail, knitting, moving, encountering a funeral session (you will be the next one to go, according to the taboo.)

Sometimes Friday the 13th is called Hangman’s day because it’s been traditionally a day to hang criminals. Even to this day, some buildings have no 13th floor or room #13. There are no 13th street in some cities.

Some say if you are born on Friday the 13th, you will be unlucky all your life; in contrast, some say if Friday 13th as your birthday becomes your lucky day. If you were born on Friday the 13th, maybe it’s a good idea to choose Good Friday to believe the latter one. After all, it’s not your fault to have been born on this day! At least make sure your name does not have 13 letters, because that will give you the devil’s luck.

Jason the famous horror film character was born on Friday the 13th. Jason and Friday the 13th goes way back to 1980s. When the movie Friday the 13th was released, it was a big hit. Numerous subsequent movies had followed since. So it seems the film series haven’t been unlucky at least, profit-wise. Other horror movies are purposefully released on Friday the 13th: 2012, Resident Evil 5, and another film of Friday the 13th series is planned to be released on Friday the 13th, 2013.


Good Friday is said to be a medicine for bad Friday, which is Friday the 13th. On Good Friday, it is okay to begin work or start an enterprise. Coincidentally, in a hangman’s noose, there are 13 knots. One has to climb 13 steps to reach the gallows. Amazing, isn’t it? It is as if the whole process of hanging was precisely designed by a person to reflect just how bad number 13 is.

Although Friday the 13th is considered to be a superstition to many nowadays, it still means a significant deal to considerable number of people. Just in case you are trying to remember if you had cut your hair or nail on last Friday the 13th- hey, don’t worry. Since you are alive, it means you didn’t!

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